Azure has seen advances in the past 18 months leading to a two-horse race with AWS

Uptake of Azure

Azure has had a fast take up with Paas and is now seeing more demand for IaaS

Rapid Growth

Our Capabilities

With Microsoft Azure moving to outperform AWS and Google in the Private Cloud space, MSemploy has worked hard to be ideally placed to help our customers source the enablers within this growing industry.

If you are considering either a Private or Hybrid Microsoft Cloud Solution, and are looking to find the people who can architect and then implement this for you, then we can help as we have significant experience to leverage in this space.

With the increase in market-share of Windows Azure we are already seeing skills in high demand and short in supply.

O365 - Microsoft Teams - Skype for Business - Exchange - SIP

We Can Offer:
  • •Multi-Cloud Architects (Multi-Vendor)
  • •Architects
  • •Lead Consultants
  • •Senior Consultants
  • •Consultants
  • •Support Engineers
  • •Project Managers