Microsoft DevOps


Azure has seen advances in the past 18 months leading to a two-horse race with AWS

Uptake of Azure

Azure has had a fast take up with Paas and is now seeing more demand for IaaS

Rapid Growth

Our Capabilities

Microsoft DevOps skills are in demand due to the increase in Cloud platform-led work arising from PaaS and IaaS transitions and development work. MSemploy has worked hard to be ideally placed to help our customers source the enablers within this growing industry which has traditionally been Open Source / Linux driven.

We are experts at finding the experts who will automate your processes and integration, who can create recipe books, and who know their Cucumbers from their Puppets.

PowerShell - Chef (including Cookbook & Recipe Creation) - Puppet - Team Foundation Server - .Net - CI/CD

We Can Offer:
  • •Architects
  • •Consultants
  • •Engineers
  • •Automation Specialists